Toyota New Vellfire

Toyota Vellfire 2018 Exterior Design
The design of various cars that can be touted from minibuses, sedans, and sports cars with a function as well as luxury. With a large body, the impression of relief and elegance as combined into one. Futuristic impression can be seen from the glossy car body with silver grille and front lights that are arranged vertically double on each side. Made of chrome and metal, this car looks very premium with the Toyota logo as a sweet finishing. The back of the car is spoiler-free but the metal decoration gives this car a luxurious impression. Overall, the Vellfire design is unique, luxurious and premium.

Interior Design of the Toyota Vellfire 2018
Designed for the upper class, Toyota is not responsible for presenting high-quality interior features. Although a bit expensive, the seat design and quality of the leather upholstery are premium. The control panel is designed with glossy boards even with beautiful ceramic motifs. In addition, infotainment facilities such as Digital Dolby, widescreen with black chrome so the interior looks more elegant. For passenger capacity, this car is able to accommodate a maximum of 7 passengers with very spacious and comfortable legroom. Not only that, Vellfire managed to present an ideal design.

Toyota Vellfire 2018 Engine and Performance
For the Toyota Vellfire car engine this time, then the trend of the car in its class is by pinning a 2.5 GA / T engine with a capacity of 2,494 cc and fueled with 4 cylinders. The power that can be produced by this car is around 178 horsepower with a torque value of 234 nm. Unfortunately, this is enough for the size of the car with a price range of up to 1 trillion. Strategies like Toyota in general, compared to power and speed, performance and also performance and also MacPherson Strut for the front suspension. In addition, CVT transmission is better known to be functional and more efficient.

Good reputation
Toyota Vellfire is proven to be able to survive in the Indonesian automotive market for 10 years. Finally, Toyota Motot officially launched the new version of the Toyota Vellfire, which was named the Toyota All New Vellfire. This is proof that the Toyota Vellfire has a good reputation among the people and among other Toyota cars. Not only from the Toyota side, owning a Toyota Vellfire can be a sign of one's social status. The high price with an exclusive design makes the person who drives a Toyota Vellfire looks classy of course.

Price and Release Date of the Toyota Vellfire 2018
This time Toyota only brought 1 subvariant for the 2018 Vellfire model. However, it only exists on the engine. Other modifications can be tailored to user needs. This car is new and all over the world including Indonesia. One Toyota dealer that could be an option is Auto2000, if you are interested in purchasing a variant of this one car. The price for the Toyota Vellfire 2018 is listed as listed above. The price of the Toyota Vellfire is indeed quite fantastic considering that Toyota is exerting everything on design and reliable functionality. That is the experience of the latest Toyota Vellfire 2018 car for consumer users

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